ПравообладателямПсихология и психотерапия семьи[4-е издание], Юстицкис Викторас
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Четвертое издание монографии (предыдущие вышли в 1990, 1999, 2001 гг.) переработано и дополнено. В книге освещены основные психологические механизмы функционирования семьи - действие вертикальных и горизонтальных стрессоров, динамика семьи, структура семейных ролей, коммуникации в семье. Приведен обзор основных направлений и школ семейной психотерапии - психоаналитической, системной, конструктивной и других. Впервые авторами изложена оригинальная концепция "патологизирующего семейного наследования". Особый интерес представляют психологические методы исследования семьи, многие из которых разработаны авторами.

Издание предназначено для психологов, психотерапевтов и представителей смежных специальностей.

PDF. Психология и психотерапия семьи[4-е издание]. Юстицкис В. В.
Страница 627. Читать онлайн

Summary 629


This is new, completelv revised edition of «Family psychotherapy» (1990, Leningrad).

The aims of this nev book were to piece together main foreign and national results in family therapy, to survey some пеъ ideas and our печ experience in the area, to consider печ trends both in our society and in science (especially, psychotherapy, and psychology).

Chapter 1 «The Family as à Cause of Mental Disturbance» focuses upon the хаут on which the family affects йе personality ol its members. Some new interim links betwemr family and personal problems are surveyed. They are à s. с. «general discontent,- ment ш the family», «general anxiety in the family», «general tension ш the family», «general guilt, in йе family».

These are prevalent cognitive and emotional states ш à family that can (о11ои every its disorders. These states are side — effects of à family disturbance and add their oss n disordering effect to the main cause of à family problem. The role of these phenomena disturbing the psychic health of the family members is described and also the dynamic and development of these states.

It is shown that (as it often happens with unspecific long lasting pathology) alter some time these sideeffects tend to become the main source ш causing psychic trauma to individual family members. Clinical and psychodiagnostica1 ways in assessing these phenomena are discussed.

Chapter 11 considers main areas in family life and their possible effect ш causing and prolonging disturbances in the personality of individual family members.

First section deals ъ)~h problems the family meets when one of its members has some tnentа1 disorder.

Numerous investigations ш the field have demonstratecl very different factors weighting с1ожп the situation ш such family. These investigations also showed how diverse and contradictory are family reactions to this situation.

Considering аll these reactions à general theory («Watershed — theory») generalizing these reaction is suggested. It suggests that after meeting «mental illsituation» а amily has to take à sequence of important choices. Every of these choices decides what will be the way for the further development of the family: 1) rather disintegrative one;

2) rather integrative one; or 3) unstable an unstable balance between integrative and disintegrative forces ш the family. It is highly important that. the consequent choices in this sequence are interconnected. If à family steps à foot in onc direction it increase the necessity to go also next steps in йе same direction.

An original program and experience ш education and consulting mental 11Га families is discussed.

The second section deals with rather neglected but. in our opinion very important «family self — image» problem. The concept, assesses 11оч precise, detailed, full, psychologically true is an image of à family on itself. Functions of the «self — image» in developing family structure, taking everyday and general decision was shov, n.

The structure, development and 1ппсйоп)щ main characteristics ol «family self image'» are considered. Three types of family depending on ЬоыппсЬ developed is the

PDF. Психология и психотерапия семьи[4-е издание]. Юстицкис В. В. Страница 627. Читать онлайн