Часть III. Что может медицина


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bush!

The position of the United States of America as the leader of the civilization makes us apply to You for help in problem-solving of medicine which has reached a dead-lock as we suppose.

Obstetrics and gynecology to which I and my close colleagues devoted all our abilities and time turned out to be at the very point of its development which could not be called a development at all. Obstetrics has come up to the very point of group climb, if it is possible to say in this way, when it can gain neither the desired peak nor go down due to the fear of contempt.

The destiny presented us an opportunity to make significant discoveries in the field of miscarriage and preterm birth. These severe problems bring the members of unhappy families not only the sufferings but tremendous monetary damages also. According to the data of American organization “March of Dimes” the damages amounted to 133 million dollars per year 2001 in the USA only.

I have been working in the field of obstetrics for 40 years. My husband Shvetsov M. V. devoted himself to treatment of pregnant women also after he had learned magnificent methods of Lowen’s body-oriented psychotherapy in 1994. Alexander Lowen is 96 nowadays, he lives in New York and he is called the greatest among the present day world psychotherapists.

By year 2000 a new concept of pregnant treatment was formulated by us which did not meet an official recognition in Russia but the main astonishment was that the concept was not taken into consideration by western scientists whom we wanted to be our judges, first of all.

We sent some letters to the Chicago University (in 2001), which announced itself to be interested in solving a priority problem of gestosis of pregnants. We offered the scientists from the Chicago University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to make a report at any conference at the University on our ways of the problem easy solution and even without additional financial injections. But as a result, we have no answer.

Last 15 year we had been suffering from huge financial straits, so we could not go abroad. But in November 2005 our desire to present the results of our investigations to western scientists became true. The Society for Gynecologic Investigation of USA held 1st International Summit “Preterm Birth” in Italy for the first time for 50 years of its existence where we presented two poster reports (we were not offered to present an oral report.). Nevertheless, nobody including eminent western specialists (no one was from Russia) paid attention to our work. That was strange.

The ways of reducing the amount of preterm birth were said three-times in one of our reports (we could not find any data that such methods were used in work with pregnants in the USA). The ways of avoidance of inflammation and gestosis (leading to preterm birth, as known) during pregnancy were shown in the other our report given to some famous specialists during the summit.

Just after return to Russia we gave some celebrated scientists, who had read lectures at the Italy summit, the data about a reliable way to reduce the frequency of inflammatory reactions. We also sent letters to American professor and member of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation of USA

Fernando Arias famous in Russia as the author of an excellent monograph “High-risk pregnancy and delivery” and to the address of American organization “March of Dimes”. The goal of this organization existence is a struggle with preterm birth. As a result, we have no answer.

After visiting the summit in Italy, we know that the USA is determined on reduction of preterm births to year 2010 in half almost. Program “Healthy People 2010” is cultivated for this purpose. Nowadays there are 12 % preterm births in the USA. It is sufficiently much in comparison with Europe. But it is honest. At the same time we would like to help American specialists and women and offer our methods of treatment. It is very difficult to reduce the amount of preterm births in half even with the help of big money injections. But it is simple if officials get down to business, officials who are capable of presenting the desired for actual for government. As it is in Russia for instance. Our officials have reduced these indices to 4.5–5% (fictitiously, unfortunately) that is why all the offers on improvement of treatment are ignored if they go from independent scientists. Believe us, repeated attempts to publish our results in the leading Russian and Moscow scientific journals were in vain. It is too sad that it happens in the country where the birth rate is lower than mortality.

It can be said without ceremony that contemporary obstetrics in Russia is the territory of aggressiveness. American scientists showed that violence over new-born children (deprivation from mother at least) was a source of future violence in the society including terrorism.

Once in the 19th century young and devoted to the truth Hungarian doctor-obstetrician Semmelweis made up his mind to give a dare to scientific authorities by saying that inflammation and sepsis dangerous for lives of mothers and new-born children were the consequence of hospital — acquired infection (though learning about microbes was not worked out yet). Due to his discovery he paid with his career and life, probably. The fact which was obvious for any honest Hungarian midwife was incomprehensible for scientists in the middle of the 19th century in spite of persevering attempts of Semmelweis to inform that day world scientific elite about his learning. Probably, philosopher Nietzsche was right confirming that convictions of scientists were more dangerous foes of truth than lies. Scientists would like to throw down other authorities but not everyone has spiritual powers to agree with a judgment of French writer Romain Rolland that invariable truth is a lie.

Believe us our powers are coming to an end. We are tired of constant struggles with misunderstanding and human envy. Due to our persevering desire to “to inspire truth to the world”, as esteemed in Russia writer Jack London had used to say, I lost the position of the Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Perm State Medical Academy, though my scientific works in the field of study and treatment of widely-spread woman disease (endometriosis) were famous and valued throughout the world since the eighties, and the doctor dissertation of my husband M.V. Shvetsov was failed twice. We understand that it is a payment for devotion to the truth. And it is more painful as we have devoted ourselves to serving not steel mechanisms and trade but serving human life appearing. One of the books by M.V. Shvetsov (in the Russian language) on the problem of life on the Earth and organic evolution has been kept in the Library of the USA Congress since 1993.

If you decide to send this letter to the Russian president it will be not bad. We are not afraid of serving the truth not depending on the struggle outcome (all the more, the truth is of feminine gender in the Russian language). As a great American philosopher Ralph Emerson wrote that truth was the property of no individual but was the treasure of all men.

During our visit in Italy we managed to find a scientific review of an expert from the World Health Organization J.Villar “Scientific basis for the content of routine antenatal care” (Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, 1997, V. 76, p. 1–14). It was stated in the review that high concentration of iron-bearing protein hemoglobin in blood during pregnancy was a signal of risk of preterm birth. M.V. Shvetsov came exactly to the same conclusion in the process of pregnant treatment. His dissertation was failed exactly for that and also for assertion that excessive usage of iron pharmaceuticals (what happened everywhere and without control in Russia often) was a reason for preterm birth and pre-natal death of fruit from infection. And after all, yet 10 years ago professor Erica Liebelt from the Yale University notified that exogenous iron in pregnant women was the main reason of child lethality till the age of 6 on account of pharmaceutical drugs. Not only we assert that reduction of hemoglobin concentration in blood during pregnancy is a law of nature. Seventy years ago Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel wrote that was not allowed to swindle with fundamental laws of life with impunity.

Mrs. Bush is famous in Russia and the world as a wonderful person who is not indifferent to the health of women and destiny of young generation. That is why we are looking forward with a hope and rely seriously to get Your interested answer.

Sincerely Yours,

Startseva Natalia

* * *

Поняв, что нахожусь на улице с односторонним движением, я решил уменьшить дозу неопределенности и обратился в «Голос Америки» с просьбой передать наше письмо Президенту США, так как оно может иметь отношение к судьбах многих американских женщин. Но повторные запросы также имели ответом молчание… Так что же такое любовь? Неужели молчание и есть тот самый эквивалент любви для ученых, научных политиков и президента? Или я ошибаюсь? Или человечество давно живет в измерении пошлости, агрессивности и скудоумия, а язык любви забыт?

Кто способен ответить?

Женщины ждут. Еще несколько лет страданий, и они не захотят рожать детей для смерти и зла жизни. Рост числа заболеваемости женщин и есть их бессознательный ответ на вызов цивилизации. Когда-то он может стать сознательным…

Психология bookap

Мишель Оден в одном из последних номеров своего журнала (т.14, № 13) пишет: «Художники и поэты всегда идут впереди ученых». Вероятно, в ряду первопроходцев, способных разбудить дремлющий мир, можно увидеть представителей психотерапии, в том числе Вильгельма Райха и Александра Лоуэна, сумевших сделать счастливыми многих.

А второго мая на наш город навалились тучи мокрого снега с дождём. Идя по главной улице, возле одного учебного заведения увидел плохо (явно не по погоде), но не бедно одетых, девушек, которые подставляли свои голые животы прохожим и ледяному ветру. Такое отношение к телу — скорее, плод грубого телевизионного воспитания, которое дезориентирует молодежь в выборе ценностей и обучает преодолению ненужных трудностей и борьбе вместо пестования доброты и мягкости. Если женщины собираются бороться с мужчинами, тогда это «закаливание» можно понять. Но если их интересует противоположный пол как выбор пути к возможному счастью, тогда лучше, чем Эмиль Золя советчика не найти. Он писал: «Нинон, именно в твоей постоянной нежности, почерпнул я тот запас мужества, которому впоследствии не раз удивлялись мои друзья. Наши иллюзии оказались доспехами из отличной стали, они и по сей день служат мне защитой».