This book by Sergei Klyuchnikov, a well-known Russian psychologist, is dedicated to the problem of psychological protection of man living in the torrent of contemporary social surroundings. It describes psychological mechanisms and laws of human protectedness which help one become a protected and successful master of his or her life. The book is abundantly illustrated with examples from the author's vast practice as a consultant and contains numerous recommendations, methods and practices a thoughtful use of which will make one much more confident and successful.

The author develops and specifies the approach to this problem, formulated in his Invisible Armour, the essence that is a reasonable combination of protectedness (a natural human resource) and protection (a set of special techniques and methods). This time the author demonstrates how protected ness and protection manifest in such spheres and realms as one's family, sexual life, professional and public activities, and also shows in a detailed and exciting manner a protected person's attitude towards money or the mass media and the way he or she behaves in contacts and conflicts with trouble-makers and in an aggressive criminal milieu.

The book will help understand and overcome one's weaknesses and make the right step towards becoming the master of one's life.

Sergei Klyuchnikov, practical psychologist, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the Russian Union of Writers and of the Russian Union of Journalists, author of books on psychology and spiritual culture, specialist in reserve human potential, self-regulation and meditation.

The system suggested by the author in his Master of Life embraces most diverse social spheres requiring an enhanced level of protected ness and the use of special methods of protection (family life, relation between sexes, finances, public activities, attitude towards the media, the ability to react to aggression in communication with troublemakers and an aggressive criminal milieu).

Reading this book, everyone will learn:

To use effectively the methods of protection in most diverse situations;

The science of correct relations with people;

The art of defending one's interests in conflicts with trouble-makers and in risky situations;

The ability to create one's own system of protected life and to follow it successfully in spite of any obstacles.

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